Assistant Robot does as it is described

The Assistant Robot could not be any more self-explanatory – it stands proud at 155cm tall, tipping the scales at a rather obese 130kg while featuring 32 Degrees Of Freedom. There are five cameras on its head (2 wide-angle stereo cameras, 2 telescopic cameras, and 1 omnidirectional camera) alongside a laser range finder and ultrasonic sensors to help it move around without being a klutz, on all of its 6 wheels. Currently, it has a suckier battery life compared to a gaming notebook, running anywhere from 30 minutes to just an hour on a full charge. Basically, this guy is supposed to help you out with your house chores –handy if you’re catching on with age.Hmmm, guess having a mini nuclear-powered battery inside like the Terminators would do it a whole world of good. Apparently a commercial model is tipped to enter mass production in a decade or two’s time, selling for around $10, 000 a pop. Will battery technology have caught up by then?


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