Hook Your Motorola Droid To USB Printers In The Future?

How would you like to be able to hook up a USB printer, or USB flash drive to your Motorola Droid? That’s not possible just yet, but thanks to a couple of folks who were fiddling with the Motorola Droid, it might be possible in the future. With Android being able to offer USB Host mode, a Motorola Droid was modified (with a bit of engineering and technical magic) to be able to hook up to various USB devices. Unfortunately Android currently doesn’t offer drivers for USB peripherals, so you wouldn’t be able to get even a USB flash drive to work just yet, but it’s a start. If this development goes well, maybe we’ll be able to plug your flash drives directly to our phones in the future, or print directly via cable from our phone to the USB printer. If you want the nitty gritty and some pictures on this mod, check it out.

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