Spy Video TRAKR remote controlled robot

Watched the movie Spy Kids with your family, only to have the little ones bug you about getting them the latest spy gear, never mind that you’re already on the dole? Well, assuming you managed to pick up a job along the way, you might want to consider setting aside $120 for the Spy Video TRAKR remote controlled robot which is the first toy of its kind that can run on pre-programmed applications, thanks to special filters and routines which can be input and even shared online. Sounds suspiciously familiar like Lego’s Mindstorms line, but let us concentrate on the Spy Video TRAKR instead. It comes with a camera which will stream video (no idea on its resolution) straight to a full color LCD display on the remote, where both videos and stills can be saved onto an SD memory card. Perfect tool for scaring the family pet, as it has a microphone that allows you to remotely give commands. Guess kids who have this will probably look just as smug as the boffin onyour right.[Press Release]

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