Toshiba has brand new hard drive for the enterprise market

Folks who deal with the enterprise market will be pleased to know that Toshiba has a brand new small form factor hard drive which offers high performance in a power-efficient small form factor, boasting a top capacity of 600GB. As part of the new MBF family, it is the industry’s highest-capacity 2.5″ enterprise-class HDD while boasting Toshiba’s first enterprise-class self-encrypting drive (SED) offering. The new MBF series is touted to lower power consumption up to 28%, thanks to a new enhanced power condition state that allows the hard drive itself to spin at a lower RPM whenever it remains in an idle state. Apart from 600GB, you too will be able to choose from 300GB and 450GB capacities. Volume shipping commences from April this year onwards for a yet undisclosed price. [Press Release]

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