EDGE Tech DiskGO Backup flash drive

So you’ve read about the DiskGO Mini and its super small dimensions, well, the EDGE Tech DiskGO Backup flash drive also comes in a similar form factor except with one added advantage, you will be able to benefit from a powerful Dmailer Backup software that will back up selected files to the device thanks to 128-bit AES encryption, followed by an automatic back up of said files in the future each time the device is plugged in. Of course, this makes it the perfect tool for those who are always forgetting to make regular back ups of their precious data, and you can also increase security and convenience by replicating said data to a personal online cloud that maxes out at 2GB and is free for life. Just like the DiskGO Mini, the DiskGO Backup also maxes out at 32GB, albeit being a wee bit pricier at $94.95 each. [Press Release]

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