Horizon prices portable fuel cell charger

At long last (actually, it is just seven months since it was announced but in the world of technology, that is pretty lengthy), Horizon has slapped pricing details on its portable fuel-cell charger that targets gadgets and other consumer electronics devices. The charger will expend hydrogen to juice up your portables through an USB connection. In order to obtain said hydrogen, you will need to have a HydroFILL tank that extracts hydrogen from water, where it can be powered through an AC outlet or a solar panel. All hydrogen in the tank will be deposited into battery-size Hydrostiks which can then be slipped into the MiniPAK as well as future devices if Horizon sees a bright path ahead. The HydroFILL tank will cost you half a grand, while $100 is reserved for the MiniPAK charger and $10 for each Hydrostik. Whoever said going green was easy and cheap?

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