Fancy having Flash (also known as Frash) up and running on your iPhone 4? That is now possible, albeit with the alpha version only. An iPhone 4 version of Flash has been compiled, and kudos goes to Comex, the person behind Spirit and JailbreakMe tools for iOS devices as it was his hard work that made such an event possible. You will need to follow the instructions listed here to get your iPhone 4 up to speed with Frash. Without his hard work, this surely wouldn’t have been possible. For those who own the iPhone 3GS, iPad (iOS 3.2.1) and iPod touch, this version will also play nice without any seeming hiccups. Bear in mind that the guide you view is meant for testing and educational purposes only, as there is always a chance that the planets are not aligned and Murphy strikes by making your iPhone malfunction. Only meant for those with the intestinal fortitude to follow through, after making a backup of your important data, of course.

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