RED displays working Scarlet camera

RED has paraded a working version of its long-expected and delayed Scarlet camera, where a movie on their official forum will display the nature of its fast autofocus function thanks to an 85mm Canon lens in Single Shot AF mode. While we know the Scarlet camera is now up and working, it is still not ready to be released to the masses, but it is nice to see that the RED team have not abandoned the project – yet. According to company founder Jim Jannard, the camera will support PL-mount lenses, with a growing list of lenses that it is compatible with (we’re talking about around 10 Canon lenses and 10 Nikon ones at point of publishing) apart from using its own lenses, of course. Other hardware specifications include a touchscreen display, an 8X zoom lens and a number of input options. Guess skipping the August release date is a bummer for those who are looking forward to it, and there is no new release date given just yet.

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