RED’s Hydrogen One smartphone has been talked about since 2017 ever since the company unveiled the phone, and now more than a year later it looks like we’re getting closer to its release. According to a recent post on Reddit, it seems that a tentative release date for the RED Hydrogen One smartphone has been revealed.

According to the post, this is based on an email that he/she received from RED. Based on the email, it suggests that the 9th of October is when the phone will be officially released for customers who pre-ordered the phone. The black aluminum model is expected to ship first, followed by the titanium model which apparently has been very challenging to make.

As for everyone else, the official launch date on carriers such as AT&T and Verizon have been set for the 2nd of November, nearly a month after pre-orders have shipped. However for those who plan to buy it through carriers, only black aluminum and shadow finishes are available. Titanium is only available in 2019 and even then it will be in limited quantities.

The email also explains why the phone has been delayed for as long as it has, where RED cites retooling a component as one of the reasons why it was delayed. The email also points out that these dates are still subject to change if something comes up at the last minute, but assuming nothing happens, it should be good to go.

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