Camera maker RED announced that they would be getting into the smartphone business back in 2017 when they unveiled the RED Hydrogen One. However the handset was delayed and fast forward a year later, we’ve still yet to see it. However the good news is that we could be getting close.

The Hydrogen One has recently stopped by the FCC where it has since been certified, meaning that it is now legally allowed to be sold in the US. Of course when RED plans on making the official announcement remains to be seen, but FCC approval does mean that we’re one step closer to seeing it launched.

The FCC listing also reveals some of the phone’s specs, such as a massive 4,510mAh battery which sounds impressive, but considering some of the phone’s features such as a holographic display and a camera capable of 3D recording, maybe a 4,510mAh battery might not be enough.

We have also heard reports that the phone could be powered by 2017’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 which is a tad disappointing, but not necessarily a deal breaker. Both AT&T and Verizon have announced their plans to carry the phone this summer, but like we said, no specific dates have yet to be officially announced.

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