Philips Dimenco 3D TV to usher in glasses-free future

Watching a 3D movie will require you to wear a pair of active shutter glasses of sorts most of the time, but Philips thinks that is just too cumbersome, hence working together with Dimenco to reveal a 3D TV that has no need for those pesky glasses. Too bad the price of progress in this area is pretty slow, since it will only hit the consumer television market as early as 2013. So far initial impressions of the 3D TV that does not require glasses were average at best, and it has yet to offer the “in your face” feeling as with regular 3D TVs that need a pair of glasses to go along with it. On the other hand, the lenticular lens technology utilized within is certainly a whole lot better for non-stationary viewing. It probably won’t be cheap when unleashed to the mass market, that’s for sure!

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