Xerox to Make It Possible to Print Your Own Book at a Coffee Shop

Xerox is bringing its Espresso Book Machine to create and print on-demand books to the market, which means that these book-making machines can show up potentially at bookstores, coffee shops, and perhaps your nearest FedEx Kinkos location nearest you. The Espresso Book Machine employs two Xerox copiers to create on-the-spot, on-demand printing of out of print books, books not available on a bookseller’s shelf, or just a custom-printed manuscript for that short novel that you’ve been working on. Whether the technology will catch on is anyone’s guess, but Xerox is betting that the digital e-book craze that’s being popularized by Amazon and its Kindle along with competitors will not kill the physical printed edition for some time to come. You can check out the video of the Espresso Book Machine after the break.

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