Lexmark introduces Genesis upright printer

Lexmark has rolled out what could very well be the first upright printer in the world known as the Genesis. This all-in-one printer looks sleek on the outside, featuring an extremely small footprint which allows it to be displayed in just about any setting. Boasting a high-gloss black piano finish, it should attract a whole lot of fingerprints by curious onlookers. The Lexmark Genesis will also feature a 10-megapixel imaging sensor that allows one to transfer a page from “document to digital” in seconds. This means you do not have to rely on traditional flatbed scanning technology to get your work done, as the digital camera sensor within will pave the way for super quick “scans” of photos and documents. Other hardware specifications would comprise of a 4.3-inch capacitive color touchscreen display that enables access to the printer’s controls and wireless-N connectivity. Would $399 be enticing enough a price point for you to part with your cash?

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