Recon-Zeal Transcend GPS goggles ready to order

The Recon-Zeal Transcend goggles is the first GPS Goggles in the world to feature a head-mounted display, and they are more than ready to accept orders from today onwards. This will target those who love traveling around in winter visiting skiing spots around the world, where you can choose from a couple of models with different lens options – the Transcend SPPX which comes fitted with an SPPX polarized and photochromic lens, while the Transcend SPX will carry an SPX polarized lens, retailing for $499 and $399, respectively. It will deliver real-time feedback to the user, where among the data your brain will have to decipher would include speed, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical distance travelled, total distance travelled, chrono/stopwatch mode, a run-counter, temperature and time. Recon Instruments, the manufacturer of the Recon-Zeal, has dropped hints of open API app development and a download community to further broaden its appeal. Seems to be a novel device – will it distract the wearer at first as it will definitely take some getting used to?

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