Apple AirPrint For Mac And PCs Delayed?

Bad news for folks who are looking forward to AirPrint. Word is going around that Apple may be delaying the release of AirPrint for Mac and Windows computers. If the rumors are true, Apple is facing some problems relating to compatibility and overall stability, resulting in the project being pushed back. While Apple has yet to formally acknowledge the issue, the removal of Mac and Windows references from the lists of iOS 4.2 features has raised warning flags to many developers out there and Apple’s developer site and iOS 4.2 Gold Master release notes no longer list AirPrint compatibility with shared printers on a computer. Aside from Mac and PC support, AirPrint for iOS 4.2 seems to be ready for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, allowing users to wirelessly print documents or photos to compatible printers, which might initially be limited to about five models from HP.

Update: Sorry folks for all the brou-ha-ha. This is nothing but an overblown rumor as at press time, as everything seems to run fine and dandy. Thanks to our commenters who pointed out where we have gone astray.

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