Blacksheep Prevents Firesheep Account Hijacking On Mac

It was recently brought to your attention that the Firesheep plugin for Firefox could easily allow users on the same network to hijack your Facebook or Twitter credentials, causing many folks out there to be wary about logging into various sites on public networks. FireShepherd was recently released for Windows users to protect against such situations and now Mac users have a similar tool of prevention too: BlackSheep. The Firefox plugin basically sends fake login information out to the network every now and then and checks to see if anybody is sniffing around, notifying you if such a user is around. The developer, Zscaler, did mention that things might be a little strange if you already have Firesheep installed, since BlackSheep basically uses the same code, so you might want to take note of that if you’re giving BlackSheep a try.

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