PC World's Tech Brand Reliability Survey Puts Apple, Asus at Top

In a survey of 79,000 readers, PC World compiled a list of reliable, trusted tech brands. This year, Apple, Asus, Brother, Canon, Motorola, and T-Mobile came out on top while the losers included brands such as Dell and HP. The survey also finds that laptops are slightly more reliable than before, and the portable computers have fewer serious issues than desktops. Moreover, business users are generally more satisfied than consumer customers, though it’s unclear if this attributed to better designed and more expensive systems, or if it’s due to better support for enterprise users. Apple got praised for desktops, notebooks, and smartphones, while Asus performed strong in desktops and laptops. Canon was a favorite for printers and cameras and Panasonic ties for camera reliability with Brother rising in the printer segment. Panasonic is also doing well in the HDTV market. In terms of smartphones, Verizon seems to be popular, but T-Mobile won out. Motorola also won out in the phone category, though the iPhone got a lot of praises by users. To see the complete survey, you can visit PC World.

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