Surgeon General's Warning: Too much texting and social networking is harmful to your health

The above title might seem to sound outrageous, but that disclaimer could very well debut in due time, especially after you take into consideration a case study by the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine that links poor health behaviors (smoking, drinking, sexual activity) to an excess of texting and social networking. This excess that involves your fingers is also known as hypertexting and hypernetworking, where the former would equal to sending more than 120 messages per school day, while the latter is spending over three hours per school day on social network sites – with Facebook being the biggest culprit, obviously.

Guess the warning of not texting and driving should also be topped up with another one – lesser phone use and get a real life instead of hanging around social networking sites all day long. After all, if you’re the parent, surely you can control the extent of use by your kid using good old fashioned discipline? Not to mention the fact that you pay for his/her monthly phone bills does give you a somewhat unfair leverage during the redrawing of boundaries.

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