Apple Granted Patent For Glasses-free 3D Projection Method

3D technology is moving at a rather fast pace and even Apple is looking to get into the game. The fruity company has been granted a patent for a method of projecting a 3D image that can be perceived without the need for those pesky 3D glasses. With this system, each pixel would be projected onto a reflective, textured surface, which is then bounced into the viewer’s left and right eyes separately, giving you the 3D effect. The cool thing about this design is that it would sense the locations of both eyes of each viewer, allowing multiple users to enjoy the fun from a variety of angles. How this design will stand up to current offerings such as parallax barrier, volumetric and hologram technology will remain to be seen. Of course, just because Apple has a patent on this, it doesn’t mean that we’ll be seeing any device that uses this technology, but we can always hope.

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