Who would have thought that something like the Apple iPad would be versatile enough to move a multiple ton vehicle around? Well, this $600,000 per week charter superyacht known as Solemates will also be controlled by Apple’s iPad – as amazing as that might sound. Of course, those aboard might be rather concerned about who is using the iPad, and what happens if the iPad freezes by itself for no apparent reason? Fret not, we’re sure the folks have it all figured out with a backup plan in store. Should you be rich enough to rent the boat and step onboard, the captain will hand you an iPad with a custom-made app, letting you control the lights and climate systems on the boat, control entertainment systems, and with the option to even summon crew members while onboard. This is definitely one of the more interesting uses of an iPad, and we wonder whether astronauts will bring one up to space on the last space shuttle ride, ever.


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