Bang & Olufsen’s Beo6 remote does seem as though it received its inspiration from the fat-bottomoed Weebles children’s toys that are somewhat like Americans – we don’t mean big sized, but they always get back standing after falling down, exhibiting the country’s super resilient spirit no matter what happens. Well, we’re pretty sure the Beo6 isn’t as hardy though, so tipping it over from a reasonable height might not be such a good idea. This remote comes with a touchscreen LCD display that is perched atop an aluminum ball, boasting its own range of hardware buttons such as a scrolling volume wheel to help get you started. Needless to say, it will be compatible with the range of Bang & Olufsen’s very own audio visual equipment, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, the ability create custom macros and other bells and whistles that you would expect to come from a high-end remote control. No word on pricing, but the brand name alone should tell you that if you have got to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

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