Samsung SCH-LC11 pocket LTE router arrives at FCC

The folks over at the FCC must be pretty busy, having to filter through a whole bunch of devices every single day. Well, one of the latest models to hit their hallowed hallways would be Samsung’s SCH-LC11 portable router which is targeting Verizon’s recently-launched 4G network. Touted to support LTE on the 750MHz band, it will also sport an EVDO fallback for the majority of the network still using 3G. No idea on when the LC11 is set to ship, although it ought to happen a few weeks before Verizon’s keynote. There is also the possibility of it arriving via MetroPCS’ recent 4G network, but we will just have to sit tight and wait to see what happens. With everyone moving on to 4G networks in due time, you can be sure that the competition will heat up enough to make it commonplace.

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