We know that Darth Vader evaded certain death by floating around in space aimlessly because he had a hyperdrive system built in when his highly advanced TIE Fighter got knocked out during the trench run. Well, guess that souped up fighter spacecraft is a perk that comes along with his position in the entire command hierarchy. This month’s Tokyo Auto Salon will see a modified CR-Z (known as the TS-1X as well)being paraded, where the car boasts of a matte black exterior complete with a revised front fascia, extended side skirts as well as a really huge rear spoiler to make it look as though it can go that extra 5mph faster. Bear in mind that this is not an official Darth Vader-endorsed vehicle, but it does look as though the Dark Lord of the Sith himself won’t mind riding in one of these whenever he is on a more primitive planet whose atmosphere does not support flying vehicles.

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