Spotify Introduces A Standalone App For Kids

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms out there. You can either use it for free or opt for the premium subscription plan if you want to get rid of the restrictions and unlock the full potential of the service.Now, Spotify has launched an exclusive standalone app ‘Spotify Kids’. This has been tailored for kids ages 3+.You can access the app only if you have a premium […]

Lenovo Ruggedized Chromebooks Deliver Affordable Touch and Pen

At Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Lenovo has announced that a trio of Chromebooks (100e, 300e, and 500e) previously sold only through education channels would be available to the general public.

C-Way’s Bubble Is Much More Than A Kids Alarm Clock

The Bubble smart device for kids is a side bed device that is designed to be a kid’s bedroom companion/assistant and help parents care for their children in a more efficient way.From a hardware standpoint, Bubble is being pitched as an Alarm Clock. However, it is also a talkie-walkie, a music player and can speak information out (since it has a speaker).

Sleevely, Smart Baby Bottle on Kickstarter

Feeding a baby is the most important activity parents have to perform during her/his early life, and it takes a lot of time. So here comes Sleevely, the smart devicesthat promises to help feed better the 130 million babies who are born every year.Sleevely is a baby bottle smartsleeve that keeps track of hydration and nutrition via Bluetoth connectivity and a companion iOS application. The company claims that this is […]


LeapPad Ultra Hands-On Review [Kids Tablet]

LeapFrog is betting that “content is king” and so far. The company says that its LeapPad tablet has access to 800+ apps/books/movies that are especially tailored for kids by a large team of people specialized in this particular field

Learning Computer Science With The Raspberry Pi: Interview With Feynlabs’s Ajit Jaokar

Editor’s note: Ajit Jaokar is the co-founder of Feynlabs, an initiative to teach the concepts of programming languages to kids (as opposed to a specific programming language).Muriel Devillers: What is feynabs?Ajit Jaokar: Feynlabs is the first initiative to teach the concepts of programming languages to kids (as opposed to a specific programming language). By abstracting the common elements of programming languages, our aim is to enable learners to rapidly learn […]

Smart Pajamas Use Dots To Read Bedtime Stories On Your iOS, Android Devices

Reading your child a bedtime story is an experience most parents probably enjoy more than their children do as it allows them to be creative in how they deliver the story to their child. Changing your voice to simulate what they believe the character would sound like is one way to be creative, but another, more tech-friendly method would be to put these Smart PJs on your child.The Smart PJs […]

Netflix And DreamWorks To Create Turbo:F.A.S.T Show

DreamWorks has announced a partnership with Netflix to create Turbo:F.A.S.T  ( Fast Action Stunt Team) based on the 3D movie “Turbo”.  Turbo features the story of a snail, who dreams of competing in a race and accidentally gains super powers due to a freak accident. The show is expected to pick up where the movie left and will showcase the exploits of Turbo in his adventures. The movie is to be released […]

Android Kids Tablet Fuhu Nabi Jr Launched

Fuhu, the company that produces acclaimed Kids tablets like the Nabi 2 ($199) is back at it and has released a $99 tablet called Nabi Jr. The tablet is for kids who may not need the speed of the Tegra 3 processor that Nabi 2 had (Nabi Jr is powered by Tegra 2). It is also smaller and features a 5-inch display (800×480), which makes it officially smaller than smartphones […]

VINCI Curriculum Named as CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree

VINCI Curriculum is the software exclusively running in the VINCI Tab II and the VINCI Tab II M (photo above) , two tablets specifically designed for kids. VINCI curriculum is tailored to help children build learning capabilities. It features 43 monthly themes and topics across 3 levels of learning: The Curious; The Confident; and The Capable.We all know that toddler are in love with user friendly touch screens and tablets, although we did […]

Nabi 2 Kids Tablet Review

Tablets for children is not a new concept, and this is a busier market that one may expect. That said, in most cases, those tablets are extremely limited when it comes to processing power, and therefore application accessibility. It’s fair to say that having a fast tablet enables running more interactive applications, but at the same time, many parents don’t want to give a $499 to young kids who may […]

Toshiba Satellite L735D is a kid-friendly laptop

If you’re tired of your kid hogging your computer all day playing games, perhaps this rather affordable Toshiba kid-friendly laptop might be something you could take into consideration.

Nokia N950 unboxed by kids

If you were a MeeGo developer and you just got your hands on a brand new Nokia N950 developer phone, I’m pretty the last thing most of you would do is give the phone to your kid to tear it open for you. Not the folks over at Ireland’s Technology Blog though because that’s exactly what they did. One of the writers for the blog recently got his hands on […]

Plick: robotic building blocks for kids

One of the best ways to teach kids about how electronics work is through the use of toys and Plick, robotic building blocks for kids aims to make it as fun and as easy as possible. Plick is an interactive building toy that can be used to create a functional robot, depending on how the parts are connected. Depending on how you attach a Plick piece to an adjoining piece, […]