c-way-bubble-v5The Bubble smart device for kids is a side bed device that is designed to be a kid’s bedroom companion/assistant and help parents care for their children in a more efficient way.

From a hardware standpoint, Bubble is being pitched as an Alarm Clock. However, it is also a talkie-walkie, a music player and can speak information out (since it has a speaker).

It also has an Air Quality sensor, a feature that is increasingly becoming popular in large cities or area that could be prone to pollution variations, or home that aren’t adequately ventilated.

From a companion app, parents can initiate 2-way conversations with the child. It could be handy to ask a quick question for example. It should also work from outside the home, over the Internet.

It’s also possible to compile a music playlist and play it from home, or from a remote location. One can imagine parents doing that while speaking to their child over the phone, or via a video call.

Bubble is supposed to be able to speak out items from a kid’s schedule (created/managed by the parents). I’m not sure how well this works in the real world since this kind of assistant (think Amazon Echo) typically requires the user to ask for schedule information. Also, it’s not clear how it knows when to speak it.

The Air monitoring is a nice perk. Depending on one’s situation, it provides a good added-value, assuming that it is a secondary goal for the device’s acquisition. Not only it can keep an eye on air quality, but it will also tell children if the weather is cold or hot with a simple blue/red color code. That way, they can be taught to wear warm enough clothing before going out.

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