Now here is certainly a computer case that will have you wishing your computer’s next upgrade cycle is already up. We’re talking about the Moneual Lab Dual Screen PC case, where it comes in the form factor of a tower-style case, boasting a tall and slender LCD display which can be used as a secondary monitor to display a range of widgets to tickers, toolbars or other applications that need just a little bit of screen real estate – leaving your eyes to look at far more important files and data. There is no word on just what kind of resolution the LCD display offers, but one thing we’re sure of – the Dual Screen PC is going to be pretty pricey at around $1,500 a pop when it rolls out to the masses in Q3 this year. This is perfect for those who want to show off to their peers and visitors, but we would say save that money to purchase a secondary LCD monitor (or perhaps even a tertiary monitor) while getting a more down-to-earth case instead.

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