Lego PC

Lego blocks are some of the most versatile toys ever invented. From making impressive models like the Super Star Destroyer to creating fully functioning turntables, these building blocks from Denmark seem to be usable in almost every way imaginable. While this isn’t the first Lego PC case mod we’ve seen, this is one of the most impressive.

Created by Mike Schropp, this massive Lego PC case made out of 2,000 black Lego bricks houses a 12-core PC. It is made up of three CPUs, coolers, motherboards, SSDs, DDR3 memory and eight fans that are plugged into one modified power supply to keep it juiced. It is even said to be more power efficient this way than if the three computers were separated instead. Functional, efficient, and awesome looking to boot. Find out more at Mike Schropp’s site.

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