PC case mods are really interesting – as they allow you to express the more creative side of you. Lian-Li has long released cases of different shapes and sizes for numerous needs in the past, and here we are with their latest release – the Lian-Li CK-101 PC case. This is a unique design by all means, coming in the form factor of a chugging steam train, albeit with hard drive bays for you to stash away your data, a slim optical drive as well as USB 3.0 ports to keep up with the times. I suppose if you were to work with wired peripherals, it would not be much fun at all, considering how your mouse might have to move with the flow of the PC case. How will it run? Will it have a built-in power supply that can work without being tethered to a power outlet? So many questions, so few answers. Perhaps there will be a version with is more permanent. Expect the Lian-Li CK-101 PC case to be paraded at Computex that is happening early next month. [Press Release]

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