Lian Li might sound a bit corny when it comes to a company name, but you can be sure that performance enthusiasts who want to build a souped up rig would not discount the kinds of PC chassis that Lian Li offer, and their latest all-aluminum chassis model would be the HTPC/Desktop PC-C60. This will be the latest addition to their Domus series of the HTPC range, where it will come in a sleek design that lets you choose from black or silver colors, boasting of an open and easy-to-upgrade internal layout.

It doesn’t matter if you want to mount ATX, Micro-ATX, or Mini-ITX motherboards, this is one HTPC chassis that sports seven ventilated PCI slots, alongside more than enough space to hold video cards that are up to 270mm long. On the outside, you will find a couple of 5.25” drive mounts, while on the inside, Lian Li will be offering a trio of 2.5” hard drive mounts and half a dozen 3.5” hard drive mounts, making sure all of your media will have a “home”, so to speak. Hopefully the cooling system you use will be good enough if this is packed to the max, considering the amount of heat that all the hard drives and disc drives generate in unison.

Other options include mounting additional 2.5” hard drives into the 3.5” mounts if you so desire. As all the mounts require no tools to set up, they’re a breeze to handle even for the beginner – and anti-vibration features have also been thrown into the mix, including rubber-ring suspension.

Two 140mm fans will help pull cool air into the case from the side-panel, while venting on the back panel makes sure that heated air will be able to escape quickly to prevent any damage to your internal circuitry. [Product Page]

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