Sharp NES on Windows Phone 7

A developer has managed to port a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator over to the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Called SharpNES, the homebrew app only took a couple of hours to bring to the platform, but still requires more work to be optimized for the system. In a video demo released by the developer, Matt Bettcher, besides some graphical glitches and the noticeable slowdown, it works pretty well and looks like it would do well if released to the public. But the app will never make it to the Windows Marketplace mainly due to licensing issues (for the NES ROMs) and the fact that it enables people to play pirated games on it. The developer is hopeful though- he is trying to garner enough support from the community in order to convince Microsoft to change its mind. If it doesn’t work, you can expect to see the ROM being released as a homebrew app. Watch the video of the SharpNES after the break:

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