Panasonic Viera tablet

[CES 2011] Panasonic was demonstrating its app store that lets Viera TV users download games and play directly on the TV (from the Tablet). All it takes to play is to have a wireless game controller (from Panasonic?). This is a big deal for Panasonic as games and video content are among the highest money-making items in most app-stores. The company also plans to launch 3 Android Tablets (4”, 7”, 10”) that can be used as uber-remotes for the Viera TVs. You can select camera angles, and just swipe your selection towards the screen to make it effective. There’s also a social network aspect, although the design was rather cheesy in my opinion. The good news is that it can be easily fixed. Overall, the tablets were not particularly stunning, but they are meant to stay in the home, so buyers might be more tolerant. The tablet’s “TV remote” user interface is definitely (definitely!) not as good looking as Tivo’s recent iPad apps, but at least, Panasonic is trying.

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