The ScentScape from ScentSciences isn’t something that you see everyday, but this $69.99 item is a plug-and-play USB device that can be synchronized with content on your computer, emitting scents at different cues. The device can be set up with a cartridge containing 20 scents like forest, ocean, flowers and more. If you use the company’s SceneEditor software, you’ll even be able to load in a video clip and attach scents to various points in the video.

It’s definitely an interesting idea, and the company is planning on producing custom scent cartridges for specific purposes. A possible usage would be for a game developer or movie studio to tie in scents with the game/movie, though we must say we wouldn’t want to smell the stench of sewer water when the hero is on some spy mission (flower patches are fine, though!) Could we possibly have such a device bundled with games in the future?

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