Smell-a-vision is not a new concept, although as to how viable and how well adopted it will be remains to be seen. Deciding that adding a smell factor to our television viewing experiences is the way to go for the future, French company Olf-action has designed a device called the SMELLIT, which will provide various aromas to fill your nostrils while you watch your movies and even when you play games!

At the moment the SMELLIT remains a prototype, but based on the design we have to admit it is rather stylish, and could easily have been mistaken for a uniquely designed set of speakers. It’s not known as to how Olf-action’s SMELLIT will work, but we’re guessing that the SMELLIT will just add more options in terms of fragrances to their current lineup, which include scents ranging from wood, rubber, churches, and even “atmospheric” scents from locations such as the dentist and hospital.

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