Could digital music locker services be targeted by music labels in the near future? It certainly seems that way at the moment as Sony Music Entertainment isn’t too happy with services such as mSpot, claiming that “We are very uncomfortable with a model where you can just throw anything into the cloud and stream it, if what you threw into the cloud was not legitimately purchased.” Cloud music services such as mSpot and allow music owners to store songs on their servers and access them via Web-enabled devices and will likely be very popular in the future (or now).

It’s easy to understand that music labels don’t want illegal music to spread, but Darren Tsui, CEO of mSpot, raised a valid point, stating that “it’s not our job to police how consumers get their music.” At this point, it isn’t clear what the eventual outcome of this legal debate will be, but hopefully it’ll be something that consumers will be happy with.

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