[CES 2011] Turtle Beach wants to capture the attention of your ears with the Ear Force PX5 Programmable Wireless Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset that is specially meant for the PS3, although it is also compatible with the Xbox 360 if you so desire. Turtle Beach hails the PS5 to be the most technologically-advanced headset ever designed for both consoles, where it will feature a built-in programmable digital signal processor that enables independent customization of the chat, game and microphone signals. All custom settings are stored in the headset as presets which can then be selected during specific parts of the game in order to emphasize sounds like footsteps or reloads which might otherwise be difficult to hear. Does this constitute cheating?

It kinds of reminds us of the swimsuits made by Speedo which dominated most of the events at the Olympics, with other swimmers sponsored by different companies claiming those gave the Speedo-sponsored swimmers an unfair competitive advantage. Well, we will let you decide, but bear in mind that using the PX5 would mean the user having to have at least one more thing to co-ordinate and take note of when gaming.

The PX5 can even be programmed to disguise a gamer’s voice or to enhance the voices of online players to be heard whenever the in-game action gets louder. All of these personalized presets are made possible thanks to the software that is available from the Turtle Beach web site. Of course, no one is saying you can’t use the PX5 to watch movies, as that is a secondary function, so go nuts with it. Out this spring, it will retail for a wallet crunching $249.95.

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