Anti Sleep Pilot

Having problems staying awake during long drives back home? Well the folks over at ASP Technology have recently released an app to solve help solve your sleeping problems. Called Anti Sleep Pilot, this app is ASP Technology’s attempt at preventing fatigue-related driving accidents. The app comes with loads of stats to calculate your fatigue level from the distance you’ve been driving, keeps you alert by providing simple tasks for you to stay focused on the road, and recommends you to take breaks before your fatigue level becomes dangerous. It can even detect if you’re dozing off from the way you drive, and it automatically records your driving data such as driving time, reaction times and so on. With an inbuilt GPS map function and a music player, it means that you don’t have to switch apps just to get to the map or to change the tunes you want to listen to. Pretty useful overall, and could be a life saver in certain situations, however it’s up to you to decide if you want to pay $19.99 for such an app. Head over to the iTunes App Store to purchase Anti Sleep Pilot now.

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