You know, something tells me that the wicked queen in Snow White hailed from the future, and her greatest weapon wasn’t the magic mirror but rather, a time machine. How else could she travel back to medieval times while bringing along with her an augmented reality mirror with buggy programming inside that churns out the same result each time a question is asked?
Explore Engage from Australia must’ve been the company behind said mirror, as here is the predecessor that lets online shoppers see what jewellery looks like on them before they make a purchase. Boutique Accessories is the first fashion site in Australia to rely on such an augmented reality application.
The webcam will first detect a person, and it lets you “try” fashion accessories such as earrings virtually while letting you see how you would look like. Surely this beats jostling with others in a crowded shopping center, or spending hours looking for a spot in a full parking lot, right? Video after the jump.

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