Facebook like

Facebook has announced that they will be slowly phasing out the Share button – so in the future if you’d like to share articles, you would have to Like it instead. At the moment, when you Like something, it only shows up as a single line on your news feed “Person A likes Subject B” while if you Shared something, you’d get the full story, with the headline, thumbnail and a link to the original post. Soon the Like button will function like Share instead. This is good news for content publishers – this means they’ll be receiving more links than before. The bad news is – a lot more content on walls, which could be spam for some people. Both buttons serve their purpose well at the moment, and it’s hard to see why Facebook would want to want to combine both functions. What happens to sharing bad news? Doesn’t it seem a little insensitive to Like a news report about some natural disaster that claimed many lives? I guess we’ll see how this works out.

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