IntelliGuard has just released a new keychain called RAVENAlert that aims to keep students and staff aware about campus emergencies and events all the time. Nowadays, universities usually just sends text messages in emergency situations, but as we all know, cellphone networks can be easily overloaded during such times, which causes a lot of messages to be undelivered. The RAVENAlert keychain uses a proprietary one-way wireless network to receive alerts and updates from the school or whoever is in charge of the news. The use of a network separate from the cellphones means that there won’t be any hiccups in communication. And the keychains can even make sounds or vibrate to let users know that there is an update. Expect schools to be giving these devices out to kids if it ever gets adopted, but if users forget to bring them out from their homes, it’s not going to be very useful. Head here for more details on the RAVENAlert.

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