It’s no secret that technology has enriched our lives and made things a lot more convenient, for example removing the need for flight bags on airplanes, which adds unnecessary weight to the plane, and while tablets being used in schools aren’t exactly new, it’s still a good indication that we’re on the path where we will one day only need to bring tablets to school, instead of a heavy bag filled with textbooks.


This time the school that will be adopting the iPad will be the Longfield Academy in Kent, UK, and students can expect the new program to roll out starting next month. According to the school, the weight and the battery life (the iPad has long been reputed to have a pretty impressive battery life) makes it perfect for children to learn while at home and while in school.

All parents would need to do is make a donation (size of the donation was not specified, although we don’t think a £10 donation will cut it) and their child will have have access to an iPad 2 with a protective case, a range of apps, insurance and tech support. We’re not sure if the school plans on replacing textbooks entirely with the iPad or if it’s meant to supplement the learning, but either way, we welcome the integration of technology!

Let’s just hope that no one in class gets caught playing Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja.

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