Could the iPad 2 integrate NFC (near-field communication) and/or RFID (radio-frequency ID)? Those are short-distance data exchange protocols usually used for identification or payments. Given that there is absolutely nothing that you can do with an NFC phone today, Apple would need to bring up a service itself. It’s possible, but unlikely.

The iPad 2 carbon body rumor is back and, that one is supported by some patents, so it is based on something. The idea would be to make the iPad lighter. Carbon might also be more radio-friendly than the current aluminum shell. We have no doubt that both design work, so the question is whether or not it makes sense to start mass-producing this now.

The 7-inch iPad has also evoked on many occasions, although Apple tends to say that competing 7″ devices aren’t up to the task, there’ s nothing preventing Apple to say later on that their 7″ iPad is “magical”. We think that this is shady because “I want a smaller iPad” has never made the “must have” list for anybody that we’ve talked to in the past year. It could very well be a cost-reduction trick, but at this point we think that Apple will keep the iPad line-up at 10″. If you have not played with the iPad yet, check our iPad Review.

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