Paintball Robot

If you were afraid of humans with paintball guns, wait ’til you get a load of this. An inventor named Chris Rogers has come up with a remote control vehicle capable of multiple real world applications, but in one of the ideas he demonstrated with his robot was to attach a high-powered paintball gun to turn it into one fearsome machine. Capable of knocking down doors, climbing stairs and even dragging people, the Paintball Robot is something you don’t want to mess with. However, the inventor has seemingly run out of funds to kick start the project and turned to Kickstarter for help. If you want to face a killer robot next time while you’re out paintballing, by all means help him to see it through by heading over to his Kickstarter page and pledging some funds. If not used for paintball matches, this vehicle could be useful on the battlefield or even to replace SWAT teams in the future. Hit the break to watch a video introduction and demonstration of the Paintball Robot:

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