GeohotIt looks like Sony doesn’t look too kindly upon the PlayStation 3 hacking community. They have promised that they will be going after anybody that posts links to PS3 jailbreak code that’s been floating around the internet. Sony has been reported to force Google to give up the IP addresses of commented or even viewed the YouTube video of renowned hacker, Geohot, explaining how the hack works. And it’s not only the YouTube folks they are after – Sony is also demanding that Twitter gives up the identities of some users who have been associated with Geohot. Talk about going all out. Granted, a code which allows anybody to run pirated games on the console is bad news, but does Sony really need to do all this? The costs incurred with legal action is probably more than the money they lose from loss of game sales, and not to mention the respect of the community who might not have hacked their consoles to run pirated games but to perform other things. And crushing one group of hackers might just make even more rise up against them. Let’s see how things play out from here.

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