Apple battery chargerApple might have plans to create an external battery pack that can recharge your devices even if it’s not plugged in. According to the latest patents revealed this week, Apple has filed for something called “Power Adapter with Internal Battery”. The patent describes a wall charger that has an integrated battery pack to allow users to charge their devices even when they’re not next to a wall socket. While the battery pack isn’t a new or revolutionary idea, Apple plans to take it a step further by implementing a smart charger. This smart charger packs an integrated processor that can detect what device it is connected to and distribute the right amount of power required to charge the device. The battery pack will also have the ability to share the status of how much power it has left with the device that it is charging, letting users calculate whether the pack is in need for a refill or not. As is the case with all their patents, there’s no telling if Apple already has a product in the works or if they will even create one of these chargers.

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