If there’s one thing the Japanese sure are fascinated with, it’s the creation of robot babies. Masayoshi Kano, creator of the Ifbot has recently shown off a new robot baby called the Babyloid. Designed to be a therapeutic robot to help out depressed seniors, the idea behind the Babyloid is that caring for dolls will help adults who suffer from dementia. The Babyloid is 17” long and weighs 4.8 pounds. It even makes robot baby sounds while it moves its arms, head, mouth and eyelids, with LEDs on its face that can display different emotions such as sadness or happiness. The Babyloid also comes with microphones, optical and pyroelectric sensors that can detect people. The Babyloid isn’t commercially available yet, and is undergoing testing right now, but results have been positive and Kano plans to sell the robot for $600. What do you think of robot babies? Would you take care of them, if given the chance?


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