Green Lantern Power BatteryWhen movies are about to hit the big screen, you can expect tie-in merchandise to start flooding the market, and even more so when it is a superhero movie. DC’s upcoming Green Lantern movie just got a new addition to its merchandise line up. The Green Lantern Power Battery Prop Replica has just been made for Green Lantern fanboys out there. Shaped exactly like the one used in the movie, it stands 15″ tall and 7.5″ wide and 5″ long. It even comes with the Green Lantern ring that you can use to turn on it on – just press your ring against the lantern. It’s currently on sale here for $289.99, but only 2,500 of these props have been created, so make sure you snatch them up soon if you’re planning to cash them in maybe 10 years down the road on eBay.

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