The Nintendo Wii was in an exclusive club when it first came out – no high definition graphics and used regular DVDs, but its main advantage over the PS3 and Xbox 360? The novelty of motion control gaming, which has lasted even until now as its more powerful rivals have also jumped aboard the motion control gaming bandwagon. Here is something exclusive as well, an officially licensed peripheral by Nintendo – the Sanyo Inductive Charging System. As its name suggests, this puppy will let you juice up your Wii Remotes without having to remove its protective silicone covers or the Wii MotionPlus accessory. Each purchase will come with a couple of Rechargeable Battery Packs, where it will play nice with the new Mad Catz ‘REACTOR’ Wii Controller to boot. You can place an order for the Sanyo Inductive Charging System for $49.99 if you’re interested in reducing the visible wire count in your home, especially that uber-cluttered gaming area. No doubt some Eneloop technology has been transported over to this puppy, helping it juice itself up many times over without suffering from the dreaded “memory effect”.

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