Trojan horse malwareIf you’re using a computer without any form of anti-virus or malware protection, you might need to be more careful in the future. According to the latest reports from Pandalabs, a security research firm, in the first quarter of 2011 alone, there has already been a 26% increase in the amount of malware out in the wild. Over 73,000 samples of new malware have been detected daily – an extra 10,000 per day compared to 2010. 70% of the malware discovered are Trojans – malicious programs that open backdoors for users to control infected computers remotely, with or without the computer user’s knowledge. If you notice your computer doing odd things recently or you find that someone has been logging into your networks as you, chances are you’ve been infected. If your computer hasn’t been infected, take note of anything you download, and always make sure you get software or files from official sites to reduce the possibility of a Trojan infection.

[image credit: Sltechgroup]

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