Mini Seven

If you have a kid who is into cars and racing, the Mini Seven from Micro Electric Vehicles will probably make his/her dreams come true. It’s no Ferrari, but it will allow you kid to experience the joys of driving before the legal age. The Mini Seven is hand-built and proportionally accurate to a real car and is powered by a small petrol Honda HP motor. It can hit a top speed of 19 mph (30 km/h) and seats 2 children. The seats are equipped with a 4-point harness seat belt system to keep the driver and passenger safe, wand all moving parts are fully enclosed in the vehicle, ensuring nobody will get their little fingers or hair caught in such situations. The car even has an adjustable engine and hydraulic disc brakes that parents can customize to make sure their kids don’t drive a car they can’t handle. With a starting price of $11,305 (£6,995) it won’t come cheap, but you can be pretty sure you’ve bought your kid one of the best presents of his/her entire life. Head here to find out more about the Mini Seven.


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