WattsClever alkaline battery chargerIf you think that your regular alkaline batteries have no more life after you’ve finished using them, you’re wrong. It turns out that you can put those babies into a battery recharger – but not just any kind. The folks over at WattsClever have released an alkaline battery charger that can breathe life into those disposable batteries again. It uses a “microprocessor to minutely control the trickle charge so the batteries don’t overheat and die.” There’s no mention of how long the recharged batteries will last, or how many times you’ll be able to recharge them, but if you’re feeling the pinch of having to purchase alkaline batteries for your gadgets, you might want to invest in the WattsClever recharger. In addition to recharging regular batteries, it works with Ni-Cd or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries as well. The WattsClever alkaline battery charger is available here for $46.


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